Looking at road safety through children’s eyes at Christmas Launch

It’s a tragic fact that someone loses their life or is seriously injured on our roads nearly every single day of the year. That was the driver behind the 2019 Road Safety Calendar that was unveiled at the Christmas Road Safety Launch held in Harvey yesterday.

The Industry Road Safety Alliance South West called out to young artists throughout the region to submit artwork that helped to keep road safety on the daily agenda.

Some of these young artists were encouraged to produce work by their parents, and some did artwork as part of their work at school.

There were so many wonderful works of art, with powerful road safety messages from the people in our lives that matter most.

13 artworks were selected to feature in this year’s calendar, one for each month of the year plus the cover artwork, with consideration given for artistic merit as well as the road safety message.

The winners were presented with their certificates and prizes by Mr Don Punch at the Christmas Road Safety Launch, representing the Hon. Michelle Roberts, Minister for Road Safety.

Alliance Chairperson Micheal Hay said the competition aimed to raise awareness of road safety from an early age.

“The artwork competition and calendar will trigger conversations about road safety in school classrooms, homes and workplaces, helping to influence safe road use,” said Mr Hay.

The Children and Christmas campaign was made possible through the support of the Road Safety Commission, the RoadTrauma Trust Account and the Minister for Road Safety.

Free calendars and key rings are available from the Shires of Boddington, Collie, Harvey and Dardanup as well as the City of Bunbury.

Free counselling is available for anybody impacted by road trauma. Contact Road TraumaSupport WAfor more information.


  • December – Lockyer Elliott, 11 years old, Kingston Primary School

“Don’t drink drive because it won’t just risk YOUR life.”

  • November – Arnya Pickston, 12 years old, Kingston Primary School

“Food can be a distraction too – the fries can wait. Fries while distracted is dangerous.”

  • October – Layla Holmes, under 9, Adam Road Primary School

“Use your head, wear a helmet. This is important because if you fall off your bike or skateboard, you will hurt yourself and your head needs protecting the most.”

  • September – Charli Harnett, 12 years old, Kingston Primary School

“Your life matters more than your phone.”

  • August – Sienna Friedrich, 12 years old,Kingston Primary School

“Don’t drink and drive! You’ll save lives! (Oh no! I know, right!)”

  • July – Rose Bolderson, 12 years old, Collie Senior High School

“My road safety message is to grow up!!! And to stop mucking around in life because you only have one life.”

  • June –Milla Gray, 11 years old, Bunbury Primary School

“Big and small, safety is for all.”

  • May – Lance Santos, 10-13 years, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

“Drivers need to be cautious of the signs because signs make the road much safer and notfollowing it could cost someone’s life.”

  • April– Tamsin Polglase, 12 years old, Kingston Primary School

“Being tired kills, take a coffee break.”

  • March– Scarlett Brown, 11 years old, Bunbury Primary School

“Always look both ways. Safety is gainful, accident is painful.”

  • February – Bella Kauhanen, under 9 years, Dalyellup Primary School

“Stop, look and listen”

  • January – Jorja Davies, 14 years old, Collie Senior High School

“Many people die or lose loved ones today because they don’t follow road safety and rules. There are many ways to prevent people doing the wrong thing. It is just as simple as wearing a seat belt, don’t drink before you drive or sticking to the speed limit. By doing this, we can prevent deaths and serious injuries.”

  • Cover and overall winner – Coen Butcher,under 9 years, home schooled

“Buckle up your loved ones!”